Trent Students Dig Up History and Inspiration in Central America
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“Trent University has been conducting archaeological research in the Maya lowlands, especially Belize, since the 1970s,” reports Dr. Paul Healy, professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. “We’ve offered students truly rare opportunities almost annually to participate in Maya research at 1000 year-old sites such as Pacbitun, Caledonia, Caracol, Cahal Pech, and for the past 15 years, at Minanha, under the direction of Dr. Gyles Iannone.”

We have several professors [Drs. Haines, Iannone, and Healy] who are each conducting research involving Trent students at different locales in Belize. It’s almost unique in the world to have this faculty strength, and it means that Trent is not only exceptional for the breadth and depth of its research expertise in Maya archaeology in Canada, but on an international level as well.”

“It’s an experience that you can’t put a value on,” says undergraduate student Amanda Sinclair. Ms. Sinclair was the first Trent student from the Oshawa campus to join the student team led by Dr. Helen Haines at the site of Ka’Kabish, Belize. For Ms. Sinclair, the hands-on experience is essential.

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